Need Employer Brand KPI? Keep reading.

A dear friend reached out over the holidays to ask for some support on Employer Brand KPI. Since I am a measure twice, cut once kind of gal, I put together this quick and dirty list of KPI to put into your strategy/scorecard. Enjoy!

  • Conversions

    • Website visits to converted applications (industry average is 11%)

    • Total apps/quality apps (I usually count quality as anyone who made it to phone screen or meets minimum qualifications)

    • Lead to app conversion rate (if you’re capturing leads in a talent network)

  • eNPS

    • This one is pretty emerging. It’s basically NPS for employers. If you aren’t doing this one, I recommend you start by putting a link in every communication that asks one question “How likely are you to recommend your brand careers to a friend?”

  • Retention

    • Take a look at your attrition rate and trend it over time. Obviously the lower the better.

  • Time to find

    • The time it takes to identify the person who is ultimately hired.

      • For example: the req was opened on Dec. 1. You identified the person who was hired on Dec. 5, your time to find is 4 days

  • Time to fill

    • Self-explanatory. Be sure to look at this one against the time to find. You may see that your experience is going on too long. For example: if you find the person on Dec. 5 and you don’t hire them until Jan. 15, they your time to fill is 46 days, which is below industry average, however, your time to find was only 4 days, so, it left the candidate waiting for 42 days.

Hit me up in the comments with what I missed!