What it's like to work at PSC...

Funny thing about the humans, they will fill whatever vessel we are given. We fill our homes with all kinds of things. We fill our cars with gear. We fill handbags will all kinds of items (hi lipbalm!). It doesn’t matter what you hand a human, we will fill it. This even includes time. We fill our hours and our days. You see, time is absolutely a vessel that is happily filled by every human I know. When we give people time to do something, chances are they will take the whole time they are allotted. Even people who beat their deadlines, there is always an element of sandbagging that happens when you know you have a specific amount of time. There’s that five extra minutes on Facebook or one more level of Candy Crush before we go on with the task at hand. That’s why I refuse to be a time-based worker.  It’s wasteful. It cheats me, my family, and even my customers.

Instead, we are building PSC to be a mission-based workplace. We work until our missions for the day/week are complete. If we are working all weekend, that’s how it is. If we are working 3 days this week, guess we got our missions done effectively and efficiently. When we do this, we are more productive. We accomplish more missions and we are able to help our customers get their missions done more efficiently as well. We can meet their needs faster and they can go about achieving transformation at a transformative pace.

I’ve done this before and I can tell you that I am more productive when I am focused on my missions vs. the time I put in. I am focused on the day’s missions and I am all in to complete them with excellence as efficiently as possible. Mission based work is our future here at PSC. If you’re into trying mission-based work and want to be part of this journey to build a new way of working, check out our jobs page, we are looking to add a consultant in the coming months. If you’d like to talk about implementing mission-based work at your company, please call me, it is beyond effective. According to one of our customers, “PSC works in minutes not weeks.” It’s because of the mission.