Past Sessions from Tracey


Useful is the new Human

In this world of endless choices, options and distractions, we stay interested in and crave certain goods, services, brands and resources for different reasons -- all of which align with usefulness. Simply, we don't seek, or want, what we can't use. A human approach in talent acquisition is essential, but we are all, in the end, humans -- we should have that down! So what's next? We must transcend being simply human to being useful to our target talent. In this dynamic talk, hear Tracey Parson's ahead-of-the-curve thinking on creating a useful candidate experience, why “thought leadership” is not as valuable as “trusted resource,” and what you can implement in your recruitment marketing strategy to continually be useful to your universe of people in creative ways.

Where is the trust?

For over 200 years, we’ve essentially been doing the same thing over and over again. Post a note for a position. Wait for someone to come and see about the job. Back then, it was personal. We could walk into the shop and talk to the owner about the job. But somewhere along the line, things got less and less human, and personal, and useful, and more, well contentious. I don’t know very many people who relish the idea of telling someone “you’re not right for the job”.  I have to wonder if the war for talent was born out of the desire to avoid conflict or ego. In this session you’ll learn how to rebuild trust and create a candidate experience that removes barriers and dials down friction. Because the war for talent is over. We are now in the talent revolution.


Turning passives Active

Oh, passive candidates! They’re just not operating in the way we want them to. They don’t look at job boards or search on Google. They rarely check their LinkedIn. But, we need them. So, how do we get their attention? No one wakes up wondering if you’re hiring today. How can you gain mindshare, and ultimately convert top talent into leads or even applicants. The key is content and creating really authentic messages that people want to keep. Tracey Parsons, will candidly talk about her experiences as a practitioner on how you can fuel your recruitment marketing funnel, plus how to get inside the mind of the Purple Squirrel and measuring the effectiveness of touch points across the candidate journey.

Hope or Hype: Shiny Objects in TA

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about the next amazing concept that will fix the candidate experience. They’re just so darned appealing, those shiny objects, aren’t they? We’re inundated with new strategies and technology like AI and chatbots, remarketing, intelligent automation, influencer marketing, and augmented reality. But how do you make sense of this litany of new ideas for your recruitment marketing and social recruiting efforts? In this talk, TraceyParsons, will closely examine today’s emerging trends to separate what’s hopeful and valuable to boldly changing experience – and what’s just hype that belongs in the shiny object drawer.