Stickier Talent Experiences

The war for talent is over, and it never existed to talent. They just didn’t want a war.
They wanted a meaningful job for good pay. But today, the very best talent is not actively looking, but their not really into their current jobs. Yet they would rather do almost anything than apply for a job. We can change that. Here’s the basics:


Understand them

To re-engage top talent, we need to learn their style a little. We should also be willing to look at our own style to see where we can better mesh with talent.

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Break barriers

The two biggest barriers for candidates is not knowing what you're really like and now knowing the job. It's time to get really clear on these elements.


Master timing

It's difficult to know when a candidate is interested in changing, therefore, we need to craft plans to communicate at the right times based on their habits.

The offerings