The rocket fuel

With so many systems in place at nearly every business. The challenge has become getting at the silo’ed data structures that we have been forced to create. We have the software development skills to tie your systems and information together to give you real insights into your business. Here’s a little bit of what we’ve done.


Business Intelligence

You need your data somewhere else? You need to get a handle on your Available to Ship? What about inventory information? Sales data? Need to get your reps to get orders into your system easily. We got you at every turn. We specialize in solving your systems and data problems.

Shopify & ecomm

Trying to launch a new online venture? We can help you get you all set up on Shopify with some serious automation. We can also get data in and out of your ecommerce platforms. We make it easier for you to sell and monitor your sales.


HR Tech

The brains behind CredHive have a deep understanding of your HRIS, your talent needs, and how to tie these things together. Need APIs to talk? Of course you do. The average TA team has upwards of 11 tools. Let’s get those streamlined.